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Aegwynn-AllianceAegwynn-HordeAerie peak-Alliance
Aerie peak-Horde Agamaggan-Alliance Agamaggan-Horde
Aggramar-Alliance Aggramar-Horde Akama-Alliance
Akama-Horde Alexstrasza-Alliance Alexstrasza-Horde
Alleria-Alliance Alleria-Horde Altar of Storms-Alliance
Altar of Storms-Horde Alterac Mountains-Alliance Alterac Mountains-Horde
Aman Thul-Alliance Aman Thul-Horde Andorhal-Alliance
Andorhal-Horde Anetheron-Alliance Anetheron-Horde
Antonidas-Alliance Antonidas-Horde Anub arak-Alliance
Anub arak-Horde Anvilmar-Alliance Anvilmar-Horde
Arathor-Alliance Arathor-Horde Archimonde-Alliance
Archimonde-Horde Area 52-Alliance Area 52-Horde
Argent Dawn-Alliance Argent Dawn-Horde Arthas-Alliance
Arthas-Horde Arygos-Alliance Arygos-Horde
Auchindoun-Alliance Auchindoun-Horde Azgalor-Alliance
Azgalor-Horde Azjol-Nerub-Alliance Azjol-Nerub-Horde
Azshara-Alliance Azshara-Horde Azuremyst-Alliance

Baelgun-Alliance Baelgun-Horde Balnazzar-Alliance
Balnazzar-Horde Barthilas-Alliance Barthilas-Horde
Black Dragonflight-Alliance Black Dragonflight-Horde Blackhand-Alliance
Blackhand-Horde Blackrock-Alliance Blackrock-Horde
Blackwater Raiders-Alliance Blackwater Raiders-Horde Blackwing Lair-Alliance
Blackwing Lair-Horde Blade sEdge-Alliance Blade sEdge-Horde
Bladefist-Alliance Bladefist-Horde Bleeding Hollow-Alliance
Bleeding Hollow-Horde Blood Furnace-Alliance Blood Furnace-Horde
Bloodhoof-Alliance Bloodhoof-Horde Bloodscalp-Alliance
Bloodscalp-Horde Bonechewer-Alliance Bonechewer-Horde
Borean Tundra - Alliance Borean Tundra- Horde Boulderfist-Alliance
Boulderfist-Horde Bronzebeard-Alliance Bronzebeard-Horde
Burning Blade-Alliance Burning Blade-Horde Burning Legion-Alliance
Burning Legion-Horde

Caelestrasz-Alliance Caelestrasz-Horde Cairne-Alliance
Cairne-Horde CenarionCircle-Alliance CenarionCircle-Horde
Cenarius-Alliance Cenarius-Horde Cho gall-Alliance
Cho gall-Horde Chromaggus-Alliance Chromaggus-Horde
Coilfang-Alliance Coilfang-Horde Crushridge-Alliance

Daggerspine-Alliance Daggerspine-Horde Dalaran-Alliance
Dalaran-Horde Dalvengyr-Alliance Dalvengyr-Horde
Dark Iron-Alliance Dark Iron-Horde Darkspear-Alliance
Darkspear-Horde Darrowmere-Alliance Darrowmere-Horde
Dath Remar-AllianceDath Remar-HordeDawnbringer-Alliance
Dawnbringer-Horde Deathwing-Alliance Deathwing-Horde
Demon soul-Alliance Demon soul-Horde Dentarg-Alliance
Dentarg-Horde Destromath-Alliance Destromath-Horde
Dethecus-Alliance Dethecus-Horde Detheroc-Alliance
Detheroc-Horde Doomhammer-Alliance Doomhammer-Horde
Draenor-Alliance Draenor-Horde Dragonblight-Alliance
Dragonblight-Horde Dragonmaw-Alliance Dragonmaw-Horde
Drak tharon-Alliance Drak tharon-Horde Drak thul-Alliance
Drak thul-HordeDraka-Alliance Draka-Horde
Drakkari-Alliance Drakkari-Horde Dreadmaul-Alliance
Dreadmaul-Horde Drenden-Alliance Drenden-Horde
Dunemaul-Alliance Dunemaul-Horde Durotan-Alliance
Durotan-Horde Duskwood-Alliance Duskwood-Horde

Earthen Ring-Alliance Earthen Ring-Horde EchoIsles-Alliance
EchoIsles-Horde Eitrigg-Alliance Eitrigg-Horde
Eldre thalas-AllianceEldre thalas-HordeElune-Alliance
Elune-Horde Emerald Dream-Alliance Emerald Dream-Horde
Eonar-Alliance Eonar-Horde Eredar-Alliance
Eredar-Horde Executus-Alliance Executus-Horde
Exodar-Alliance Exodar-Horde

Farstriders-Alliance Farstriders-Horde Feathermoon-Alliance
Feathermoon-Horde Fenris-Alliance Fenris-Horde
Firetree-Alliance Firetree-Horde Fizzcrank-Alliance
Fizzcrank-Horde Frostmane-Alliance Frostmane-Horde
Frostmourne-Alliance Frostmourne-Horde Frostwolf-Alliance

Galakrond-Alliance Galakrond-Horde Garithos-Alliance
Garithos-Horde Garona-Alliance Garona-Horde
Ghostlands-Horde Gilneas-Alliance Gilneas-Horde
Gnomeregan-Alliance Gnomeregan-Horde Gorefiend-Alliance
Gorefiend-Horde Gorgonnash-Alliance Gorgonnash-Horde
Greymane-Alliance Greymane-Horde GrizzlyHills-Alliance
GrizzlyHills-Horde Gul dan-AllianceGul dan-Horde

Hakkar-Alliance Hakkar-Horde Haomarush-Alliance
Haomarush-Horde Hellscream-Alliance Hellscream-Horde
Hydraxis-Alliance Hydraxis-Horde Hyjal-Alliance

Icecrown-Alliance Icecrown-Horde Illidan-Alliance

Jaedenar-Alliance Jaedenar-Horde Jubei Thos-Alliance
Jubei Thos-Horde

Kael thas-AllianceKael thas-HordeKalecgos-Alliance
Kalecgos-Horde Kargath-Alliance Kargath-Horde
Kel Thuzad-AllianceKel Thuzad-HordeKhadgar-Alliance
Khadgar-Horde Khaz goroth-AllianceKhaz goroth-Horde
Khaz Modan-AllianceKhaz Modan-Horde Kil Jaeden-Alliance
Kil Jaeden-HordeKilrogg-Alliance Kilrogg-Horde
Kirin Tor-Alliance Kirin Tor-Horde Korgath-Alliance
Korgath-Horde Korialstrasz-Alliance Korialstrasz-Horde
Kul Tiras-Alliance Kul Tiras-Horde

LaughingSkull-Alliance LaughingSkull-Horde Lethon-Alliance
Lethon-Horde Lightbringer-Alliance Lightbringer-Horde
Lightning s Blade-Alliance Lightning s Blade-Horde Lightninghoof-Alliance
Lightninghoof-Horde Llane-Alliance Llane-Horde
Lothar-Alliance Lothar-Horde

Madoran-Alliance Madoran-Horde Maelstrom-Alliance
Maelstrom-Horde Magtheridon-Alliance Magtheridon-Horde
Maiev-Alliance Maiev-Horde Mal Ganis-Alliance
Mal Ganis-HordeMalfurion-Alliance Malfurion-Horde
Malorne-Alliance Malorne-Horde Malygos-Alliance
Malygos-Horde Mannoroth-Alliance Mannoroth-Horde
Medivh-Alliance Medivh-Horde Misha-Alliance
Misha-Horde Mok Nathal-AllianceMok Nathal-Horde
MoonGuard-Alliance MoonGuard-Horde Moonrunner-Alliance
Moonrunner-Horde Mug thol-AllianceMug thol-Horde
Muradin-Alliance Muradin-Horde

Nagrand-Alliance Nagrand-Horde Nathrezim-Alliance
Nathrezim-Horde Nazgrel-Alliance Nazgrel-Horde
Nazjatar-Alliance Nazjatar-Horde Ner zhul-Alliance
Ner zhul-HordeNesingwary- Alliance Nesingwary- Horde
Nordrassil-Alliance Nordrassil-Horde Norgannon-Alliance

Onyxia-Alliance Onyxia-Horde

Perenolde-Alliance Perenolde-Horde Proudmoore-Alliance

Quel dorei-AllianceQuel dorei-HordeQuel Thalas-Alliance
Quel Thalas-Horde

Ragnaros-Alliance Ragnaros-Horde Ravencrest-Alliance
Ravencrest-Horde Ravenholdt-Alliance Ravenholdt-Horde
Rexxar-Alliance Rexxar-Horde Rivendare-Alliance
Rivendare-Horde Runetotem-Alliance Runetotem-Horde

Sargeras-Alliance Sargeras-Horde Saurfang-Alliance
Saurfang-Horde Scarlet Crusade-Alliance Scarlet Crusade-Horde
Scilla-Alliance Scilla-Horde Sen jin-Alliance
Sen jin-HordeSentinels-Alliance Sentinels-Horde
Shadow Council-Alliance Shadow Council-Horde Shadow Moon-Alliance
Shadow Moon-Horde Shadowsong-Alliance Shadowsong-Horde
Shandris-Alliance Shandris-Horde Shattered Halls-Alliance
Shattered Halls-Horde Shattered Hand-Alliance Shattered Hand-Horde
Shu halo-AllianceShu halo-HordeSilver Hand-Alliance
Silver Hand-Horde Silvermoon-Alliance Silvermoon-Horde
Sisters of Elune-Alliance Sisters of Elune-Horde Skullcrusher-Alliance
Skullcrusher-Horde Skywall-Alliance Skywall-Horde
Smolderthorn-Alliance Smolderthorn-Horde Spinebreaker-Alliance
Spinebreaker-Horde Spirestone-Alliance Spirestone-Horde
Staghelm-Alliance Staghelm-Horde Steamwheedle Cartel-Alliance
Steamwheedle Cartel-Horde Stonemaul-Alliance Stonemaul-Horde
Stormrage-Alliance Stormrage-Horde Stormreaver-Alliance
Stormreaver-Horde Stormscale-Alliance Stormscale-Horde
Suramar-Alliance Suramar-Horde

Tanaris-Alliance Tanaris-Horde Terenas-Alliance
Terenas-Horde Terokkar-Alliance Terokkar-Horde
Thaurissan-Alliance Thaurissan-Horde TheForgottenCoast-Alliance
TheForgottenCoast-Horde TheScryers-Alliance TheScryers-Horde
TheUnderbog-Alliance TheUnderbog-Horde TheVentureCo-Alliance
TheVentureCo-Horde ThoriumBrotherhood-Alliance ThoriumBrotherhood-Horde
Thrall-Alliance Thrall-Horde Thunderhorn-Alliance
Thunderhorn-Horde Thunderlord-Alliance Thunderlord-Horde
Tichondrius-Alliance Tichondrius-Horde Tortheldrin-Alliance
Tortheldrin-Horde Trollbane-Alliance Trollbane-Horde
Turalyon-Alliance Turalyon-Horde TwistingNether-Alliance

Uldaman-Alliance Uldaman-Horde Uldum-Alliance
Uldum-Horde Undermine-Alliance Undermine-Horde
Ursin-Alliance Ursin-Horde Uther-Alliance

Vashj-Alliance Vashj-Horde Vek nilash-Alliance
Vek nilash-HordeVelen-Alliance Velen-Horde

Warsong-Alliance Warsong-Horde Whisperwind-Alliance
Whisperwind-Horde Wildhammer-Alliance Wildhammer-Horde
Windrunner-Alliance Windrunner-Horde Winterhoof - Alliance
Winterhoof - Horde Wyrmrest Accord- Alliance Wyrmrest Accord- Horde

Ysera-Alliance Ysera-Horde Ysondre-Alliance

Zangarmarsh-Alliance Zangarmarsh-Horde Zul jin-Alliance
Zul jin-HordeZuluhed-Alliance Zuluhed-Horde

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World Of Warcraft is being more and more popular among players since it launched. Now for 2015, it is Warlords of Draenor, it is newest version of World of Warcraft now. The expansion is set after the events of Mists of Pandaria and takes place in an alternate universe on the world of Draenor, the original homeworld of the orcs as it appeared in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, prior to its destruction in the ending of that game and the creation of Outland as featured in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Legendary characters of Warcraft '​s past, such as Grom Hellscream, Ner'zhul, Gul'dan, and Blackhand, will appear.

At the end of Mists of Pandaria, Garrosh Hellscream is overthrown as Warchief of the Horde by a combined Alliance-Horde force and taken into custody by the Pandaren so that he can stand trial for the atrocities he committed in Pandaria. However, before he can be judged, Garrosh escapes captivity with the aid of a renegade bronze dragon, and travels to an alternate timeline, to the orcish homeworld of Draenor prior to the rise of the Horde. Once there, he prevents the orcish clans from drinking the blood of the demon lord Mannoroth, which led to their corruption by the Burning Legion and played a major role in the events of the first three games. The clans unite into an "Iron Horde", using technology Garrosh brought from his reality, and begin a war of conquest on Draenor, which also leads to the building of a Dark Portal that would allow them to travel through time and lay siege to the Azeroth of the present era.

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