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News > God Wars Dungeon – The Nex Big Thing
God Wars Dungeon – The Nex Big Thing

We’ve taken the opportunity to sweeten Nex’s drops a little, making the unique items more common, large-quantity drops bigger, and the items more fairly spread between those who kill her. Nex is just as difficult and engrossing to fight as before, but today’s update better rewards those who put the time and effort into killing her, and removes an obstacle from fighting her.

Nex Rewards

We have taken the opportunity to thoroughly revise Nex’s drop tables, making her drops larger, more common and fairly shared between a larger number of individuals. Since Nex can take a great deal of time, effort and risk, this seems a more fitting return for defeating her.

Those who are looking to get their hands on the zaryte bow and the virtus mask, robe top and robe legs will find that they are roughly three times more likely to receive one from a Nex drop. Although getting a unique item from Nex was far more likely than getting a godsword from another boss, we did not believe that the chances of receiving one matched the time put into killing her.

Those who attack Nex in groups – which is everyone, unless you are utterly mad – will find that her drops are now split into batches rather than one large pile going to a single person, and the total number has been subtly increased. For example, Nex might previously have dropped 5 torstol seeds and 30 noted Saradomin brews for 1 person; with the changes this week, Nex will instead share 12 torstol seeds between 4 people, and will share 30 un-noted Saradomin brews between 3 people (throwing in an additional 10 un-noted super restores for a bit of variety). With free trade back in RuneScape, you can liberally pass these items to one another to better prepare you for the next fight!

Getting to Nex

From now on, Nex encourages you to pay homage to Zaros by wearing a full ancient ceremonial set; in return, she will allow you to pass through the Zarosian boss door for free, without the need to notch up a kill count.

To get hold of the ancient ceremonial robes, you have a few options: kill the ancient mages that attack in the area before the killcount door, kill the ancient mages in the Nex area, or buy them from other players. We have greatly increased the chances that a mage in the Nex area will drop these robes.

Be aware that the ancient ceremonial clothing has no stat boosting effects, and the creatures of the Ancient Prison will still be aggressive while you wear it.

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