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News > Christmas 2014 - Festive Cheer
Christmas 2014 - Festive Cheer


After the successful Christmas Fair last year, Santa has not only opened up a fair in the Lumbridge crater again, but has set up a Christmas event in Varrock too.
There will be a variety of activities to take part in over the month of December, and to start off the seasonal period, Santa is offering you the chance to give out presents to the deserving, build a ginormous Christmas cracker and make a train of Christmas decorations.


You'll find the Christmas event in the crater to the west of Lumbridge where the Battle of Lumbridge took place, and in Varrock.

Points of Interest

The main event takes place in Lumbridge with  Santa being found in the north of the crater next to the framework for a Christmas cracker. The Queen of Snow can be found in the southern half of the crater, near to the snowboarding ramp.
There is also an event taking place periodically in Varrock. To start the event, click on the Christmas tree.
Christmas Crater Map                                                               Christmas Varrock Map

The Event

On arriving in the crater you'll need to speak to Santa Claus to begin the event. After Santa has explained what you need to do you'll be able to interact with the various activities around the crater.

Christmas Cracker

Every day you can deliver a present to an NPC of your choice. Speak to Santa to get a sack of presents which you can click on to decide who to deliver the present to. From here, click the chathead of an NPC to see their name and location. If you wish to deliver to them, press the 'Set for delivery' button.
When you've selected an NPC, simply go to them (with the present sack) and you'll be rewarded a piece of festive paper. If you take this to Santa he'll reward you with one Festive XP Lamp per Festive paper, and then add the paper you have collected to the cracker.
When 250,000 cracker papers have been handed in, the cracker will be complete. At this point two teams can pull the cracker apart. When pulling a cracker, more people will help pull it quicker - you require at least one person on each side to being pulling. A cracker has 1000 "health". Each player will subtract 1 from that health per 2 seconds. If the teams are balanced (or within 30%), each player will subtract 2 from the "health". When it hits 0, the cracker explodes.
Once pulled the cracker resets and requires another 250,000 paper before the next one can be pulled.

Tinsel Train 

At three hour intervals (starting at midnight GMT) tinsel snakes will spawn around the Christmas tree in the center of Varrock. While the event is active you can interact with the tree to join the event, once you have joined you can run around and collect the runaway decorations. It is possible to get a train of up to 10 decorations.
Each player can hand in a single train of decorations once per event. You will be awarded Christmas cheer and some summoning XP based on the length of your train. You can earn up to 20 Christmas cheer per day from taking part in this event.
Snowverload is a boss monster that can spawn at three hour intervals (starting at midnight GMT) and he will appear in one of 4 locations:
North of Falador just outside the city walls
The north part of the Grand Exchange
South of the Clan Camp, near Armadyl's Tower
Draynor, on the east side of the wheat field
You must pelt Snowverload with snowballs - this is the only thing that can damage him. You can get snowballs from Snowverload's body, simply right-click Snowverload and choose 'Take snow'. Equip the snowballs in order to throw them at the boss but beware, he will treat you as a target once you have the snowballs equipped.
As you attack him he will decrease in size, he will fight back but he will also remain in place. Once enough damage has been inflicted to bring him down to his smallest version, he will he start to move and this is when you'll be able to lure him. Only Santa can melt Snowverload down, so make sure you work together to kite him to the Lumbridge crater!
Snowverload has 5 attacks that he can use at random:
Festive barrage - Adds snow effects to nearby trees – removed when the tree is cut down.
Baubles and stockings - If you are hit by this attack you are turned into a Christmas bauble or a stocking and won't be able to attack. Walk in front of the boss to have him break you out of if you don’t make it in time, you will need to run away to break out yourself.
Fire attack - Snowverload will start turning around on the spot spitting out a fire attack from his hands. Move with him to avoid the damage, or run away.
Snow shield - Deflects damage from thrown snowballs back to the person who threw them.
Presents - If you see a present, jump in it or you will be damaged by Snowverload's attack.


A piece of festive paper is given for delivering a present, and 2 pieces are given for anyone nearby the Snowverload when he is defeated.
You can loot the chest inside the cracker once per pull for an XP lamp and a joke. The first time you pull the cracker you'll also unlock an emote.
Christmas cheer can be used to unlock a set of snowman cosmetic overrides: the ice sickle and the individual pieces of the snowman costume. Christmas cheer is earned in the following ways:
Cracker pull - delivering a present grants 25 cheer
Decoration train - forming a train grants cheer depending on its length:
A full train of 10 will be worth 20 cheer
The first 4 decorations are worth 1 cheer
The next 3 decorations are worth 2 cheer
The next 2 decorations are worth 3 cheer
The last decoration is worth 4 cheer
You can get Summoning XP when forming a tinsel. XP is granted depending on its length:
A full train will provide 100% of the XP that a jack of trades aura would offer.
The first 4 decorations are worth 5% of the XP of a jack of trades aura.
The next 3 decorations are worth 10% of the XP of a jack of trades aura.
The next 2 decorations are worth 15% of the XP of a jack of trades aura.
The last decoration is worth 20% of the XP of a jack of trades aura.
Handing in a 10 snake train during a tinsel snake event will grant you the sparkles pet.
Being near the Snowverload when he is defeated by Santa (you do not have to have pelted him with a snowball) will allow you to deliver another present that day and therefore earn more festive cheer.
Participating in any of the events will unlock all previous Christmas event awards.
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