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World of Warcraft EU - Gold
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Aegwynn-AllianceAegwynn-HordeAerie Peak-Alliance
Aerie Peak-HordeAgamaggan-AllianceAgamaggan-Horde
AlAkir-AllianceAlAkir-HordeAlexstrasza DE-Alliance
Alexstrasza DE-HordeAlleria DE-AllianceAlleria DE-Horde
Alonsus-AllianceAlonsus-HordeAmanThul DE-Alliance
AmanThul DE-HordeAmbossar DE-AllianceAmbossar DE-Horde
Anachronos-AllianceAnachronos-HordeAnetheron DE-Alliance
Anetheron DE-HordeAntonidas DE-AllianceAntonidas DE-Horde
Anubarak DE-AllianceAnubarak DE-HordeArak Arahm FR-Alliance
Arak Arahm FR-HordeArathi FR-AllianceArathi FR-Horde
Arathor-AllianceArathor-HordeArchimonde FR-Alliance
Archimonde FR-HordeArea 52 DE-AllianceArea 52 DE-Horde
Argent Dawn-AllianceArgent Dawn-HordeArthas DE-Alliance
Arthas DE-HordeArygos DE-AllianceArygos DE-Horde
Azjol Nerub-AllianceAzjol Nerub-HordeAzshara DE-Alliance
Azshara DE-HordeAzuregos-AllianceAzuregos-Horde

Baelgun DE-AllianceBaelgun DE-HordeBalnazzar-Alliance
Balnazzar-HordeBlackhand DE-AllianceBlackhand DE-Horde
Blackmoore DE-AllianceBlackmoore DE-HordeBlackrock DE-Alliance
Blackrock DE-HordeBlackscar-AllianceBlackscar-Horde
Bladefist-AllianceBladefist-HordeBlades Edge-Alliance
Blades Edge-HordeBloodfeather-AllianceBloodfeather-Horde
Bloodscalp-HordeBlutkessel DE-AllianceBlutkessel DE-Horde
Booty Bay-AllianceBooty Bay-HordeBorean Tundra-Alliance
Borean Tundra-HordeBoulderfist-AllianceBoulderfist-Horde
Bronze Dragonflight-AllianceBronze Dragonflight-HordeBronzebeard-Alliance
Bronzebeard-HordeBurning Blade-AllianceBurning Blade-Horde
Burning Legion-AllianceBurning Legion-HordeBurning Steppes-Alliance
Burning Steppes-Horde

Chamber Of Aspects-AllianceChamber Of Aspects-HordeChants Éternels FR-Alliance
Chants Éternels FR-HordeChogall FR-AllianceChogall FR-Horde
Colinas Pardas ES-AllianceColinas Pardas ES-HordeConfrérie Du Thorium FR-Alliance
Confrérie Du Thorium FR-HordeConseil Des Ombres FR-AllianceConseil Des Ombres FR-Horde
CThun ES-AllianceCThun ES-HordeCulte De La Rive Noire FR-Alliance
Culte De La Rive Noire FR-Horde

Dalaran FR-AllianceDalaran FR-HordeDalvengyr DE-Alliance
Dalvengyr DE-HordeDarkmoon Faire-AllianceDarkmoon Faire-Horde
Darksorrow-AllianceDarksorrow-HordeDas Konsortium DE-Alliance
Das Konsortium DE-HordeDas Syndikat DE-AllianceDas Syndikat DE-Horde
Defias Brotherhood-AllianceDefias Brotherhood-HordeDer Abyssische Rat DE-Alliance
Der Abyssische Rat DE-HordeDer Mithrilorden DE-AllianceDer Mithrilorden DE-Horde
Der Rat Von Dalaran DE-AllianceDer Rat Von Dalaran DE-HordeDestromath DE-Alliance
Destromath DE-HordeDethecus DE-AllianceDethecus DE-Horde
Die Arguswacht DE-AllianceDie Arguswacht DE-HordeDie Ewige Wacht DE-Alliance
Die Ewige Wacht DE-HordeDie Nachtwache DE-AllianceDie Nachtwache DE-Horde
Die Silberne Hand DE-AllianceDie Silberne Hand DE-HordeDie Todeskrallen DE-Alliance
Die Todeskrallen DE-HordeDrekThar FR-AllianceDrekThar FR-Horde
Dun Modr ES-AllianceDun Modr ES-HordeDun Morogh DE-Alliance
Dun Morogh DE-HordeDurotan DE-AllianceDurotan DE-Horde

Echsenkessel DE-AllianceEchsenkessel DE-HordeEitrigg FR-Alliance
Eitrigg FR-HordeEldreThalas FR-AllianceEldreThalas FR-Horde
Elune FR-AllianceElune FR-HordeEmeriss-Alliance
Emeriss-HordeEredar DE-AllianceEredar DE-Horde
Eversong-AllianceEversong-HordeExodar ES-Alliance
Exodar ES-Horde

Festung Der Sturme DE-AllianceFestung Der Sturme DE-HordeFordragon-Alliance
Fordragon-HordeForscherliga DE-AllianceForscherliga DE-Horde
Frostmourne DE-AllianceFrostwhisper-AllianceFrostwhisper-Horde
Frostwolf DE-AllianceFrostwolf DE-Horde

Garona FR-AllianceGarona FR-HordeGarrosh DE-Alliance
Garrosh DE-HordeGenjuros-AllianceGenjuros-Horde
Gilneas DE-AllianceGilneas DE-HordeGoldrinn-Alliance
Gorgonnash DE-AllianceGorgonnash DE-HordeGrim Batol-Alliance
Grim Batol-HordeGrom-AllianceGrom-Horde
Guldan DE-AllianceGuldan DE-Horde

Hellfire-AllianceHellfire-HordeHowling Fjord-Alliance
Howling Fjord-HordeHyjal FR-AllianceHyjal FR-Horde

Illidan FR-AllianceIllidan FR-Horde

Kaelthas FR-AllianceKaelthas FR-AllianceKaelthas FR-Horde
Kargath DE-AllianceKargath DE-HordeKazzak-Alliance
Kazzak-HordeKelThuzad DE-AllianceKelThuzad DE-Horde
Khaz Modan FR-AllianceKhaz Modan FR-HordeKhazgoroth DE-Alliance
Khazgoroth DE-HordeKiljaeden DE-AllianceKiljaeden DE-Horde
Kirin Tor FR-AllianceKirin Tor FR-HordeKorgall-Alliance
Korgall-HordeKragjin DE-AllianceKragjin DE-Horde
Krasus FR-AllianceKrasus FR-HordeKult Der Verdammten DE-Alliance
Kult Der Verdammten DE-Horde

La Croisade Ecarlate FR-AllianceLa Croisade Ecarlate FR-HordeLes Clairvoyants FR-Alliance
Les Clairvoyants FR-HordeLes Sentinelles FR-AllianceLes Sentinelles FR-Horde
Lich King-AllianceLich King-HordeLightning S Blade-Alliance
Lightning S Blade-HordeLordaeron DE-AllianceLordaeron DE-Horde
Los Errantes ES-AllianceLos Errantes ES-HordeLothar DE-Alliance
Lothar DE-Horde

Madmortem DE-AllianceMadmortem DE-HordeMal Ganis DE-Alliance
Mal Ganis DE-HordeMalfurion DE-AllianceMalfurion DE-Horde
Malorne DE-AllianceMalorne DE-HordeMalygos DE-Alliance
Malygos DE-HordeMazrigos-AllianceMazrigos-Horde
Medivh FR-AllianceMedivh FR-HordeMinahonda ES-Alliance
Minahonda ES-HordeMoonglade-AllianceMoonglade-Horde
Mugthol DE-AllianceMugthol DE-Horde

Nagrand-AllianceNagrand-HordeNathrezim DE-Alliance
Nathrezim DE-HordeNaxxramas FR-AllianceNaxxramas FR-Horde
Nazjatar DE-AllianceNazjatar DE-HordeNefarian DE-Alliance
Nefarian DE-HordeNemesis IT-AllianceNemesis IT-Horde
Neptulon-AllianceNeptulon-HordeNerathor DE-Alliance
Nerathor DE-HordeNerzhul FR-AllianceNerzhul FR-Horde
Nethersturm DE-AllianceNethersturm DE-HordeNorgannon DE-Alliance
Norgannon DE-HordeNozdormu DE-AllianceNozdormu DE-Horde

Onyxia DE-AllianceOnyxia DE-HordeOutland-Alliance

Perenolde DE-AlliancePerenolde DE-HordePozzo DellEternità IT-Alliance
Pozzo DellEternità IT-HordeProudmoore DE-AllianceProudmoore DE-Horde


Ragnaros-AllianceRagnaros-HordeRajaxx DE-Alliance
Rajaxx DE-HordeRashgarroth FR-AllianceRashgarroth FR-Horde
Razuvious-AllianceRazuvious-HordeRexxar DE-Alliance
Rexxar DE-Horde

Sanguino ES-AllianceSanguino ES-HordeSargeras FR-Alliance
Sargeras FR-HordeSaurfang-AllianceSaurfang-Horde
Scarshield Legion-AllianceScarshield Legion-HordeSenjin DE-Alliance
Senjin DE-HordeShattrath DE-AllianceShattrath DE-Horde
Shendralar ES-AllianceShendralar ES-HordeSinstralis FR-Alliance
Sinstralis FR-HordeSoulflayer-AllianceSoulflayer-Horde
Suramar FR-AllianceSuramar FR-HordeSylvanas-Alliance

Taerar DE-AllianceTaerar DE-HordeTalnivarr-Alliance
Talnivarr-HordeTarren Mill-AllianceTarren Mill-Horde
Teldrassil DE-AllianceTeldrassil DE-HordeTemple Noir FR-Alliance
Temple Noir FR-HordeTerrordar DE-AllianceTerrordar DE-Horde
The Maelstrom-AllianceThe Maelstrom-HordeThe Shatar-Alliance
The Shatar-HordeThe Venture Co-AllianceThe Venture Co-Horde
Theradras DE-AllianceTheradras DE-HordeThermaplugg-Alliance
Thermaplugg-HordeThrall DE-AllianceThrall DE-Horde
ThrokFeroth FR-AllianceThrokFeroth FR-HordeTichondrius DE-Alliance
Tichondrius DE-HordeTirion DE-AllianceTirion DE-Horde
Todeswache DE-AllianceTodeswache DE-HordeTwilights Hammer-Alliance
Twilights Hammer-HordeTyrande ES-AllianceTyrande ES-Horde

Uldaman FR-AllianceUldaman FR-HordeUlduar DE-Alliance
Ulduar DE-HordeUldum FR-AllianceUldum FR-Horde
UnGoro DE-AllianceUnGoro DE-AllianceUnGoro DE-Horde
UnGoro DE-Horde

Varimathras FR-AllianceVarimathras FR-HordeVeklor DE-Alliance
Veklor DE-HordeVoljin FR-AllianceVoljin FR-Horde

Well Of Eternity IT-AllianceWell Of Eternity IT-HordeWrathbringer DE-Alliance
Wrathbringer DE-Horde


Ysera DE-AllianceYsera DE-HordeYsondre FR-Alliance
Ysondre FR-Horde

Zenedar-AllianceZenedar-HordeZirkel Des Cenarius DE-Alliance
Zirkel Des Cenarius DE-HordeZuljin ES-AllianceZuljin ES-Horde
Zuluhed DE-AllianceZuluhed DE-Horde

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